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Curriculum for learning English as a second language


One of the most difficult decisions educational leaders make is the selection of the right curriculum.

  • This is the formula for success

The Yo-Yee curriculum provides a strong educational and academic foundation and is aligned with educational standards.

Furthermore, Yo-Yee develops the four major skills what are needed to acquire fluency in learning a new language: reading, writing, comprehension and speaking. Also it is very easy to adapt this curriculum to your unique classroom environment and eliminates hours of teaching preparation time.

Yo-Yee is designed for experienced language specialist, classroom teachers as well as home schooling parents who has limited proficiency in second language skills.

By understanding how we work and are structured - Yo-Yee can help you to accomplish your selection of the right curriculum.

  • Yo-Yee is an out of the box, ready to go curriculum for learning languages
  • every category is subdivided into eighteen individual sets
  • each individual set includes the most common French vocabulary for each topic
  • all topics are designed for weekly or bi-weekly classes
  • for most classes additional collateral Bingo Card Sets are available (Bingo Brochure)


Our Curriculum Sets are Designed to Help You Save Time

Teachers often spend weeks and months trying to design the curriculum for their classes. At Yo-Yee our goal is to help make teaching easier for teachers as well as home schooling parents. With an out of the box ready to use curriculum set teachers will be able to save a considerable amount of time which they can then put to productive use for furthering the education of their students.

Yo-Yee’s Curriculum is Versatile

Yo-Yee designs highly versatile curriculum sets which can be used by teachers and parents in multiple ways. Whether you want to teach a new language to a beginner class or advance linguistic skills to advanced students, our sets will provide you all the tools you need to effectively help students learn the right language skills in the classroom.

For weekly classes our curriculum can span between two or three school years. For daily classes our curriculum is designed for a minimum of one school year. Timeframes are dependent on your own implementation plan.

So whatever your choice, you are ready to go with Yo-Yee Flashcards.



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