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Teaching travel vocabulary by making a picture story

Target Group:

Pre-Intermediate Level


Take a trip flashcards


buy your ticket, check in, check your baggage, go through security, check in at the gate, board the plane, find your seat, stow your carry-on bag, fasten your seat belt, look for the emergency exit, read the safety instructions, take off, request a blanket, experience turbulence, landing, get off the plane, claim your baggage


Introduce trip vocabulary to students and ask random questions: Have you ever traveled by plane? Where did you go? What happens between buying a ticket and claiming baggage on a voyage? e.g.. Stick the flashcards randomly on the board and students have to find out the correct sequence of the air trip. Let students write their own short story about their travel experiences.


Plan and create a picture story; free speech; past tense; word-picture association; word-picture recognition; sentence structure; grammar; reading; describing situations; asking questions; general conversation

Game Idea:

Fly Swats - Much like the traditional whiteboard game, fly swats, several flashcards are stuck against the whiteboard. Divide students into 2 or 3 teams, giving one player from each teach a “fly swatter” (very fun with real fly swatter, but rolled paper will work). Then Teacher then calls out a work and the first student to “swat” the card wins a point for their team. Then they get to call out the word. –Advanced classes can listen for the word used in a sentence and make up sentences with the new word.



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