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Teaching adjectives 3 by focusing on questions 

Target Group:

Pre-Intermediate Level


Adjective flashcards


cheap – expensive, deep – shallow, dangerous – safe, heavy – light, diligent – lazy, tight – loose, rich – poor, narrow – wide, tidy – untidy, straight – bent


Introduce adjective vocabulary to students first. After students have learned different adjectives ask random questions using pre-learned vocabulary. Is the sea deep or shallow? Is the highway narrow or wide? What is heavy? What is light? You can also choose objects and have students describe the objects using adjectives and pre-learned vocabulary.


Opposites and adjectives vocabulary; spelling; describing situations, people and actions; grammar; sentence structure; word-picture association; reading; conjunctions

Game Idea:

First letter – Pick a student to start. That student can say any adjective or opposite they can think of. The next person has to say an adjective or opposite that starts with the letter that the previous adjective or opposite ended with. For example: light – tall – loose – empty…

Adjective sentence – Write a simple sentence on the board e.g. My dog is hungry. Students have to add adjectives to that sentence. The team able to add the most adjectives to that sentence is the winner.

Using Bingo - The teacher calls out various adjectives. If a student has the opposite of the adjective called, he/she can cross the word off their bingo card.



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