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Teaching chores focusing on - Who usually does...

Target Group:

Pre-Intermediate Level


Chore flashcards (additional adverbs of frequency flashcards)


clean the house, cut the grass, do the dishes, do the laundry, dust the house, feed the dog, fold the laundry, hang up the laundry, iron the clothes, mop the floor, paint the house, rake the leaves, sweep the floor, take out the rubbish, vacuum the floor, walk the dog, clean the windows, wash the car, water the plants, work in the garden


Introduce chore vocabulary to students and ask random questions: Who cleans your house? Who works in your garden? Who rakes the leaves? e.g.. Let students draw a small table and they insert the chores according to their family members.

For more advanced students you can use adverbs of frequency and adjectives to get more detailed dialogs. For example: Who usually folds the laundry for you?  My mother does. e.g.. You can even add time vocabulary to create daily schedules.


Chores vocabulary; spelling; word-picture association; word-picture recognition; sentence structure; grammar; reading; conjunctions; verbs; duties; telling time; daily schedules; adverbs of frequency

Game Idea:

Flashcard Act Out - Similar to charades or miming, choose one or more students to come to the front. Show a flash card and have the students act it out. Reward the first student to guess the correct answer. This can be used with many subjects like chores, actions, verbs, phrasal verbs, aches and symptoms, e.g..



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