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Teaching nature vocabulary focusing on colours and conjunctions

Target Group:

Beginner Level


Nature and colours flashcards (additional verb flashcards)


beach, bridge, cave, clouds, flowers, forest, grass, island, lake, moon, mountains, rainbow, river, road, rocks, stars, sun, tree, volcano, waterfall

Colours - black, blue, brown, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white, yellow


Introduce nature vocabulary to students. Ask students basic questions:  What is it? What colour is it? Is it big or small? e.g.. You also can add pre-learned verbs from the verb set (go, draw, fly, jump, play, ride a bicycle, run, swim, walk, write) to your questions. Can you draw a sun? Do you like waterfalls? Can you swim inside a river? e.g..


Nature vocabulary; numbers; colours; grammar; sentence structure; word-picture association; early reading; singular and plural; conjunctions; favourites; like and dislike

Game Idea:

Cops and Robbers - Divide the students into two teams. Draw 2 lines on the floor and leave a big free space between the two lines, where you can place the flashcards on the ground. 2 Students have to stand behind the lines, one from each team. You call out a vocabulary word and both students have to jump in the flashcard space to find the right flashcard. Student who grabs the flashcard first, team get a point.



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