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Teaching types of entertainment focusing on preferences

Target Group:

Pre-Intermediate Level


Entertainment flashcards (additional adverbs of frequency or telling time flashcards)


drama, cartoon, music, comedy, talk show, science fiction, adventure, nature, game show, mystery, romance, horror, action, western, news, sport, opera, children's program             


Introduce entertainment vocabulary to students and ask random questions. What is your favourite entertainment program? What time does the program start? How often do you watch comedies? What entertainment programs do you never watch? e.g.. Create a small example story on the board. Students have to write a short story by themselves according their preferences. Students present their story to the class.


Types of entertainment vocabulary; spelling; word-picture association; word-picture recognition; sentence structure; reading; conjunctions; asking questions; telling time; personal preferences; daily schedules

Game Idea:

Silent Game (ideal for groups from 8-16 students) - Divide students into 2 teams. Line up the chairs facing the whiteboard, so if you have 12 students you make 2 rows of 6 chairs. Students must sit behind each other and it is prohibited to turn their head backwards or to speak at all. Give a fly swatter to the students who sit in front of the board. Teacher sits between the 2 rows in the back. Teacher whispers a word into the ears of two students, these students have to lean forward and whisper that word to the next, until it reaches the front student (like broken telephone). The front student must hit the right flashcard. Fastest team gets a point (playable also without speaking, best used for teaching feelings, movements so they only pass the emotions further, without saying anything).



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