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How to Use Flashcards

Teachers and parents can find a huge variety of flashcard sets today so sometimes it might be confusing to select a particular set for a particular topic. However, one of the biggest benefits of flashcards is they are highly versatile. This means that you will be able to use a single set in multiple ways for teaching a wide range of topics. For example, you can use location flashcards to teach students not just about location vocabulary but also about map reading, occupations, prepositions and daily routines.

Given below is a guide on how to use flashcards to get the maximum benefits:

Using Flashcards for Teaching Sentence Structure

Another great use of flashcards is to teach students how to build sentences. Here, teachers can use a wide range of flashcard sets such as the adjective sets, verb sets and even different vocabulary sets such as transportation or in the bedroom sets to build different types of structures. To keep students more involved and motivated the teacher can keep rotating the sets so that there will be a different exercise and games for each teaching session.Click here how to teach sentence structure

Using Flashcards for Teaching Reading

Quite a lot of students find it very difficult to learn how to read with conventional teaching methods. However, flashcards can provide students a fun and effective way to learn this skill. For younger students teachers can use a flashcard sets with pictures. The flashcards can be stuck on the board to create a sentence and students can be asked to write the corresponding word below the card. Once all the words have been written, the cards can be taken off and students can be asked to read the sentence. Blank cards can also be used for the same purpose.Click here how to teach reading

Using Flashcards for Teaching Spelling

Flashcards can also be used very effectively to teach students spellings. There are various games which can be used for this. For example, the teacher can hand out a stack of flashcards to students with vocabulary words on them. Then the teacher can write out the words on the board and ask the students to find the correct flashcard corresponding to it and let the students stick the right flash card below the right word. Another great way is to erase a few letters from the words and ask the student to fill in the right letters.Click here how to teach spelling

Using Flashcards for Vocabulary Building

Games prove to be very entertaining and effective when it comes to teaching students subjects and concepts like vocabulary. By using flashcards for playing games, teachers can promote memorization of words along with their definitions. Using games will help you disguise memorization so that students will not feel that they are actually learning but will actually enjoy the process. Given below are a few interesting ways in which flashcards can be used for teaching vocabulary building.Click here how to build vocabulary


Using Flashcards for Educative Games, Story Lines and Questionaires

In order to break the monotony of the classroom, teachers can use flashcards for a wide range of educative but fun games such as map reading, questionaires, card matching, story lines and even Bingo. Each of these games can teach students in a more fun and educative way.

There are endless ways in which flashcards can be used. Flashcards are fun, easy to use and they are great for memorizing information.Click here for flashcard games

How to Play Educational Flashcard Games in a Fun Classroom

Click here for a COMPLETE game list


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