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Possible Applications and Game Options for Vocabulary Building

The most important part of using Yo-Yee flashcards is that they are flexible. They can be used by educators or individuals in many different ways and at all levels.


Which one is missing

Display some flashcards. One card is taken away secretly. The students have to guess which card is missing.


Matching Pairs

Lay the cards out face down. The students turn cards over two at a time. If the flashcards match each other, the child keeps the cards. If the cards do not match each other, the child has to put the cards back. This can be played with opposites as well.


Acting Out

One child (teacher) presents an activity; the other students have to guess that activity.



Lay many cards on the table. The children order by groups: vegetables, bedroom, stationary, animals…..


Laying Sentences

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