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Teaching transportation with verbs and "can" questions

Target Group:

Beginner Level


Transportation flashcards and some verb flashcards


ambulance, hot-air balloon, bicycle, boat, bus, car, ferry, helicopter, jeep, lorry, motorbike, plane, police car, rocket, ship, elevated railway, train, underground, minibus


Introduce transportation vocabulary to students first. After students have learned transportation vocabulary you can ask random questions such as: Can you drive a car? Can you fly a plane? Do you like to fly a helicopter? Do you want a motorbike? e.g..

Students should answer “Yes, I can …. “, when they can do the action or “No. I cannot ….”, when they cannot do the action.


Transportation vocabulary; spelling; numbers; colours; sentence structure; word-picture association; word-picture recognition; early reading; singular and plural; conjunction, favourites

Game Idea:

Round and Round - Small groups of students sit in a circle (I like boy girl boy girl). Students pass flashcards around a circle face down. When the music stops or the teacher says OK, students turn their card over. The students get then to say their word in a sentence.



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