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Teaching adjectives 1 by focusing on questions

Target Group:

Elementary Level


Adjective flashcards


dirty – clean, difficult – easy, fast – slow, thick – thin, hard – soft, left – right, tall – short, old – young, strong – weak, far – near


Introduce adjective vocabulary to students first. After students have learned different adjectives ask random questions using pre-learned vocabulary. Is the t-shirt dirty or clean? Is the forest near or far? Is a rabbit fast or slow? e.g.. Students answer “The t-shirt is clean. The forest is near. A rabbit is fast.“


Opposites and adjectives vocabulary; spelling; describing situations, people and actions; grammar; sentence structure; word-picture association; early reading; conjunctions

Game Idea:

Opposites Grid - Draw a matrix or grid on the board (at least 5x4 squares) and number your axis A to E on the top scale and 1to 4 beside the squares created; you end up with squares like A1, B2, C3 etc. Stick 10 opposites flashcards mixed up front to back onto the board (also location and occupations matching pairs possible). Students have to find and remember the correct matching squares. Team who gets the most opposites or combination pairs wins (like memory game).



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